4 07 2012

There are many things that are awesome about parenthood and many things that suck. One if the biggest things that sucks is getting your kid transitioned into child care.

Yeah yeah I know it gets better. Most of you told me that yesterday. And I know in my head it will get better.
It’ just sucks that my daughter is exhausted & hungry because she is refusing to eat or drink & them passing out. I know it gets better. Trust me int the mantra that is keeping me going but this daughter is STUBBORN, more than monkey ever was. There is a reason she still nurses to bed & is sleeping in my bed.
She can scream bloody murder like I have never heard and I just do not have the energy to fight her. Plus when ever I finally get her into the crib, she gets sick/starts teething so that she garners sympathy…
Just to make things extra special, monkey not only doesn’t hug or kiss me good bye, I don’t get the joyous “mommy!!” bear hug hello either

This is killing me. One kid doesn’t want to let go and my other one can’t get rid of me soon enough*

*not quite fair bc he still cuddles during story




2 responses

5 07 2012

Aww….it can be so hard, even if it goes relatively smoothly! And they’re not making it any easier on you. I have no advice – and I’m guessing you don’t want/need any anyway – just hang in there!

5 07 2012

thks alyssa. there isnt really much i can do. the provider is very loving and the kids are great. its just time

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