Happy Birthday Bear

8 07 2012

Dear Bear

1 year ago today we kicked you out of the only home you knew, into this great big world.

I can not believe its been a year. The time as flown by and there are times when I think you are so lucky. Your big brother adores you. Despite the pain, he lets you pull his hair, pinch his cheeks and do whatever else is required to make you happy. He is the first one in your crib when you cry. Standing guard by the door, he anxiously awaits for any indication that you’re awake.

This means I’m exhausted because you will not sleep for more than 40 min. But just like every other aspect of you, you are your own person.

Every minute of every day, you let us know that you are not like your brother. You’re a different baby which has been great. I LOVE learning new ways to parent.

I wish I could write all that is in my heart but I’m madly getting us ready for your big bash.

Love you lots baby girl. Hope you enjoy your day





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8 07 2012

Happy first birthday to Bear!

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