its been awhile

1 04 2015

I apparently haven’t written a post since bears birthday. Which means I haven’t written monkeys birthday letter. Its been getting harder and harder to write those. I should, as i’m sure he will love it if I ever let him read it.

this is me trying to re-connect. After having bear, I stopped blogging. I was finding it hard to stay on top of it what with balancin 2 kids, my commute and lab work. Plus it was getting harder and harder to keep my pseud. But I need to write. I miss my bloggy friends. In the last 6 months I’ve stopping being on twitter as well so I feel disconnected from my science community. I’m trying to get back on twitter. It requires me to give up my candy crush addiction. Which is so damn hard. But hopefully I’m still in your feeds.

I’m writing my thesis right now so…..




3 responses

2 04 2015

it’s nice to feel the community of blogging and reading but oh boy, with the thesis writing on its own (nevermind jiugging family stuff on top) things are down prioritized.

hope to see you soon again in the posting 🙂 I sure liked the twitter exchange the other day! good luck!

5 04 2015

Yay! You’re back!

10 04 2015

Chall – The blogging community is great. Its where I find so much support. Loved our twitter exchange too!

LadySci – thanks! its great to be back

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