Three going on I’m ready to rule the world

11 08 2014

Dear Bear,

You’re three! A big girl that can swim to the dock by yourself, pick you own clothes and play for laughs with the best of them. My dear readers here don’t know you very well as you don’t give me even a moment to write down how amazing you are. You have given me lots of opportunities to take pictures and video, but not give you 110% of my attention at all times is unacceptable. Its not too bad, you’re big brother is more than happy to help fill your “look at me” desires. Might have something to do with the fact that you know just how to go running to him when I say no. It amazes me to see how well wrapped he and your dad is. You can play them like fiddles.  I am impressed.

You are the daughter I always wanted.  A girl who will cuddle with me, hug me, a girl that I can show all the amazing things she can do. Just only when you want too. You cuddle on your terms, when you want. You own the world and let everyone know it. You have no fear of consequences for not listening or anything else. You challenge every boundary we set. Everyday. All day. Multiple times. I love your tenacity and never want you to lose it, even though it makes me want scream multiple times a day.

My littlest bear you are so smart. It amazes me how quickly you learn. How much you can remember. You heard a song once in the morning and in the evening you were singing and dancing to it. You love to dance. You love to sing. I love to watch you rocking out as you change your clothes, eat your dinner or just simply to dance and sing in the middle of a lake. About how you love to be in the middle of the lake.

There is so much I love about you. You are my dearest little bear, sweetheart. I hope I can foster your fearlessness, nurture your intelligence and let you know that I am always here for you. To support, encourage and yes to let you grow.

love you babe,





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