6 01 2014

Seven years ago I became a mother, for the first time. I’m not sure how you went from the a scrawny, ashy 7 lb baby to a 7 year old star wars loving, video game obessed boy. A boy who’s head touches my shoulders. At seven. Every year, I write these letters to you. Every year I amazed at your capacity to think and reason. But this year, I’m amazed at not only your capacity to love but your capacity and to move forward. This year, I am learning from you.

Its been another hard year for you.. Its started normal enough, but then we had some family issues, we had the horrible break in and then of course our beloved SMDog had to say good bye. These are hard issues you’ve had to deal with. You’ve forgiven these people for the harm they’ve done you with. You did this not blindly but after careful consideration. You asked very hard questions to try and understand why things happen. This ability to try to understand another persons perspective amazes me. You’re 7 and have more empathy than many adults I know.  You stick by your family, making sure your little sisters and cousins are involved in your birthday. Going so far as to share your birthday with your sister.

Yet you’re not a pushover. As easy going and laid back as you are, you will not be pushed into doing something you don’t want to do. You have a quiet determination that both excites and terrifies me. You will do what you want.

I hope you maintain your empathy through your life. You’re always this sympathetic, that life and the world doesn’t jade you. Happy 7th birthday monkey. I love you





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7 01 2014

Happy Birthday to Monkey!

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