Baby Steps still get you there

9 09 2013

Just maybe slower,

One of the hard things about science, or at least for me is the inability to see the small success. The experiment didn’t work because I didn’t get quality, usuable data. That is not always true. So I’m going to focus on the things that did go my way or the things I’ve figured out:

The SDS-Page ran, just slowly. Most likely due to the leak in the chamber because I used the plastic blocker as opposed to making an extra gel. I will now just make extra gels.

1/x  primary / secondary antibody combos’ I need is working. I got clear, specific bands

a fresh aliquot of goat anti-rb secondary still did not give a signal, suggesting the primary ab was off I can probe with a known to work rabbit primary.

I figured out how to distinguish between Bar & Dr. I need the Bar+ Dr- flies but since both eyes look very similar its kinda hard. With the help of a former student, I figured out a plan that was quick and easy.

I went swimming on sunday morning

I went for a walk this evening. Score on the getting healthier front.

I looked at my crosses and figured out somethings I need to do in the am and after class to answer what is going on with the rabbit channel.

I’m getting better at the fluorescent western blot detection using the Licor. If anyone has sure fire tips that would be much appreciated!

baby steps folks baby steps




2 responses

10 09 2013

Hurrah for progress 🙂

11 09 2013

Yes, baby steps! Good to see you blogging here again. As someone (Cath, I think?) said in one of your last comments, September is a great time for a re-set!I don’t have much experience with the fluorescent Western/LiCor setup, but a friend once told me that antibodies can act very differently depending on whether it’s fluorescent detection or traditional ECL; and that some antibodies that work well for ECL don’t work well on the LiCor and vice-versa, and that he could never predict which way it would go–it was all empirical.

Okay, I realize that’s not actually much help =)

Good luck! The last year can be the roughest. Sooo awesome to hear that you’re near the finish line, though. I’m late, but I’ll join the cheering squad!

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