Hello? Is anyone out there?

3 09 2013

I’m thinking about starting up this old blog again. I need motivation for my science. I can be done in the next 12 months if I can just keep at it. Get those last few figures made. Run the “final” experiments that will “complete” the fucking paper. Can you tell I don’t believe it?….

I don’t have much to complain about, more just need something or someone to keep me on track. Have a cheering squad again. These kids are burning me out. Oh and I want to do my first triathlon next August…..biting off more than I can chew 😉




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3 09 2013
Melissa WilsonSayres (@mwilsonsayres)

Good luck!

I’m supposed to run my first half-marathon in four weeks – Yay! Oh, and submit job applications, and finish revisions on the-paper-that-will-never-be-accepted. But, the Little Bear got a terrible gastro-intenstinal bug then shared it with me. Life has been on hold for the last two weeks. Blech.

I’m happy to help keep you on track (it’ll help me too!).

3 09 2013

You can do this. Eye on the prize.

3 09 2013
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)

Cheering squad reporting for duty… yay RSS!


4 09 2013

Here for any cheering- on you need!

4 09 2013

cheering from the side lines and giving wohos 🙂 end is in sight! Good luck, slug through and then it will be done.

(I’m running a half marathon in a few months and that’s a little daunting, but hope to make it)

4 09 2013

Good luck lady!!

4 09 2013

You can do this! I’m all about cheering other people on.
(I’m running my first 5k (since, oh, about 2009) at the end of October. And that’s feeling a little bit overwhelming! I can’t imagine a tri!)

4 09 2013

Cheering you on! Take a deep breath; remember all that you have already accomplished. Yes, you can do this. Do keep posting when you can. Sending you positive thoughts.

6 09 2013

I’m here too, rooting for you. (If you work in plants, consider that an intended pun)

6 09 2013


11 09 2013

That would be great. One of my lab members just challenged me to the local Urban RAID race, so I’ve signed up… yikes.

20 09 2013

Hey, I’m still checking in here, and as always I’m cheering for you!

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