Turning two

25 07 2013

Dear Bear,

You’re two. No you’re not 6 or 5, you’re 2. Yes you’re 2. Doesn’t matter that you talk like a 5 year old, that you’re already toilet trained and that you can count. You are still just 2. Yelling at me that you’re 5 will not change that. As much you’re screaching hurts my hears, I”m not going to give into your tantrums. You’re smart enough to remember the way to daycare but you haven’t figured out that you get your stubborn determination from your mama. The one person you can’t bull doze will always be me. Sorry hun, I love you but you need to learn to comprise and share.

How did you grow up so fast? You went from baby to kid, instantaneously? There was no cute can’t communicate stage or waddling toddler stage. You refused to walk, until you could run right away, after your brother. You don’t like princesses because you’re a lion “ROAR” and a “DINOSAUR”, just like your brother. You chose the pink sunglasses but then found your brothers blue spiderman ones and that is it. You’re spiderman.

You’ve grown up so fast. You’re gaining so much confidence. The little baby girl, who couldn’t let go of me for 1 single instant, is kissing me bye bye and running away. More often I’m chasing you down and then pushing you away. I never ever thought I would miss the days when you couldn’t be without me. I am so very proud of you for finding your voice, at such a young age. For being willing to test your boundaries, to grow and experiment with what you can accomplish. I will always be here to catch you when you fall. To pick you up. I am here to lift you up as well.

I love you baby girl. Happy Birthday

love you always,







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