30 06 2013

I want to make an open letter to my sister because she’s pulling some Oscar worth fucking drama. I can’t really explain because it would really lift the thin veil of fucking anonymity that I have.  Lets just say its 1 fucking 1 god damn am. I am working on something that I don’t give a rats ass about, but is important to my brother and his wife. My sisters husband was supposed to do what I am working, but because him and my sister are FUCKING DRAMA, worthy of fucking god damn oscars. I’m doing it. I’m drunk, but i’m doing it. Oh and I have to have my ass up at 4 fucking 30 am for a family function. FUCK ME. FUCK YOU MY SISTER. the fuck the  god damn high road that I always take because I hate being selfish and because I hate fucking illogical drama more than I hate being up drunk and working at 1 am.





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6 09 2013
September Reset | ScientistMother: raising replicates

[…] summer was not the most productive or ideal. My sister caused some oscar worthy drama that had me drunk blogging, we were robbed and science was generally non-data producing. I’m not going to say […]

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