7 01 2013

My Dearest little monkey,

Today you are S.I.X. in a few minutes it will be exactly 6 years since you were literally sucked out of me.

You are an amazing young boy. I look at your little sister and I have these vague recollections of you.  You being a mischievous little imp, one that broke out of daycare and tried jumping out windows. A crazy active little boy who would not let me sit down. That boy is still in you, is see it in the way you play with bear. Now I also see the young man you are becoming.

You are kind.  You are the  person  who can ski in more challenging terrain than his friends, but stays with them because “we stay with our friends mommy”. You are empathetic..  When you accidentally hurt your sister, you’re ususally more upset than she is. And its not because you’re scared of getting in trouble.
You are sensitive. This has been something new I”m learning this past year. You are not only very aware of what is being said about or to you. You are very aware of how other people are treated. You almost always strive to be kind and nice to everyone. To be friends with the person who is mean, because “they’re still learnng to use their words”
You are goofy. You come by your nickname honestly, because you never miss a chance to be silly or goofy. You make everyone around you smile.

Most of all my love, you are an amazing big brother. The way Bear lights up when she sees you and how well you manage her constant need to be around you is amazing. She want to do whatever you’re doing and be where ever you are. It is not easy to have a mini-me. I know you get frustrated and hide from her sometimes. But most days you light up just as much as she does. You are so gentle with her. You are amazingly patient.

Five was a hard year for you.  I often wonder if keeping you home with me was the right thing to do. Whether I short-changed you are not. I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing by being in school instead of focusing on you. I’m so tired all the time, or managing your sister that I don’t get lots of 1 on 1 time with you. I miss that. I know you miss that too, but what makes me cry the most is that you would never trade your sister for more time with me. You can’t wait to have her come home with us.

These letters are getting harder to write every year. Every year I have to think back to how much you’ve grown. How much you’ve gone from being my little baby boy to my boy. How quickly you’re becoming a young man. I hope you know how much I love you. How much I want to keep you safe in arms forever.

Happy 6th Birthday Monkey. I LOVE YOU




3 responses

7 01 2013

Happy birthday, monkey!

10 01 2013

Aww, this is lovely! Happy birthday, Monkey!

15 01 2013
Another mommy scientist

Another amazingly heart warming letter. You really have a gift for writing.

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