10 09 2012

I’m feeling Blah. I thought it might have to do with the fact that I recently had a Mirena IUD inserted, which apparently can lead to depression in 6.4% of users. This lovely fact was tweeted to me by Zuska.  The information package that came with  the IUD had  no mention of the risk of depression, but apparently the risk is mentioned somewhere on the website. Yay for transparency?

Today was an OK day. I woke at 5:45 and laid in bed for about 1 hr. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get out of bed, but since Mr.SM wasn’t waking up for awhile, I didn’t want to start the coffee so I just relaxed, which was nice.

I was able to get some work done. I filed a bunch of paperwork so I can actually see 1/2 of desk surface. I also sorted out some bills and should be able to settle them this week. The other factor which was probably leading to my inertia is that I hate asking for money, even if it is something that is owed me. The bills I had to deal with, require to ask for large some of cash from others. I hate doing that. I feel like if these are regular bills, they should just send me the cash….

Anyway I think that is why I just couldn’t get stuff done last week. Or maybe my hormones are balancing themselves out.

Also I hate the fact that monkey is going to school. He’s growing up too fast.

On the brightside, bear didn’t act like we were killing her at daycare drop off.




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10 09 2012

The mirena IUD made me totally crazy! Although it’s definitely not on the packaging my doc said her sister couldn’t tolerate it either. Too bad, otherwise what a great option for birth control

11 09 2012
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)

Sorry dude, I hope it passes soon.

I’ve also been feeling The Blues lately. Mostly because of Mr E Man being away for so long, but I’ve had insomnia since I found out my job was at risk in February. Not sure what’s cause and what’s effect – lack of sleep makes everything worse 😦

11 09 2012

Teresa – I have an appt with the dr. Exercise and forcing myself to do things has helped

Cath – having Mr. E Man away sucks. I wish I could help out somehow, other than offering to make you dinner one night. Its sucky coming home to an empty house. Why is your job at risk? I though it was a 5 yr contract or is that the old job?

12 09 2012

I’m sorry the Mirena isn’t working out for you. I haven’t had any side effects from it, but I do know other people who have. I hope that you can find something that works for you!

12 09 2012
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)

Thanks dude – I do appreciate your offers, but without a car it’s not been possible to take you up on any of them!

The job at risk comment referred to my former job – I found out it wasn’t safe in February, which prompted me to apply for my current job, but there were weeks and weeks of stress involved before everything was settled. And then there was the start of the new job, overlapped by my parents visiting for 6 weeks, Mr E Man unemployed for 2.5 months then being away for 7 weeks… things haven’t been “normal” (both of us in town and working, not worrying about job security, no visitors) since February and won’t be normal for a while yet, due to the weird shifts Mr E Man will be working. Which means that I haven’t been able to shift back into a good sleeping phase for 7 months, which I think is the source of ~95% of my current problems!

19 12 2012

SM, I am a bit late to the party… How do you like Mirena now? I have had mine for over a year now (since last September) and I love it.

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