Some advice to the soon to be parent-graduate student

16 08 2012

So you’re about to push a squealing new human from your nether regions. Or you’re about to receive a sequaling new human that has just been pushed out of your partners nether regions. Congratulations. Truly, despite what I say here or on twitter I really do love my children. Honest. Its great having kids while trying to complete a PhD, nothing like  trying to analyze data, with baby/toddler/boy grabbing at your computers.  Kids are the best.thing.ever.
Uhm, so yeah your life as you know it is going to change. Mostly for the worse, but  the new human knows just when to give that smile / kiss / look that makes it all so worth.  A bit of advice, prior to giving birth / receiving child:

1) Write everything down. EVERYTHING. No matter how insignificant something is or how its so important there is no way you’d forget. Right it down. Because you will forget.

2) Write it down in more than one spot. You will forget where you wrote,

3) Write down why you’re doing something. What were you thinking when you started xyz

4) Analyze your data.

5) Analyze your fucking data.

6) No seriously, sit your ass down and analyze your fucking data.

7) Stop running fucking assays that you think will solve the world and start ANALYZING YOUR FUCKING DATA.
I’ve been in the lab for a >1 month now and have been catching up on a back log of data. Which is never a good thing to have. Lots of Data is awesomesauce only if you know what the fuck its telling you. If you don’t look at, as you get it.  And no not just seeing if you got the result you wanted, but actually looking at the image, counting the voxel getting the stats. You will not know whether you’re barking up the wrong tree, where you need to focus your energies and what you can improve.  This is true regardless of whether you’re about to pop or not.

Just saying, my back hurts and the repetition is annoying me.







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17 08 2012
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)


18 08 2012

Just wait, I thought as a communist I’m supposed to stay in the house and make babies?!!! I’m so CONFUSED!!

25 08 2012

LOL. Good advice even if you aren’t about to give birth!

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