The smarty pant five year old

16 05 2012

Heard yesterday in the SM household:

Mr. SM: wow look at the scary lion
Monkey: it’s not a lion it’s a tiger. Lions don’t have stripes
Mr. SM: well it’s scary tiger. Wonder where it’s from
Monkey: it’s me
Mr.SM: no you said it was a tiger
Monkey: it’s me. I’m a tiger
Mr. SM: I thought you’re a boy
Monkey: whoa! let’s back up here and start over
Mr.SM: ?
Monkey: it’s me with my face painted as a tiger

Me, in my head. WTF!!! Why do insist on talking like a grown up boy. STOP iT God Damn IT. What kinda 5 year old says whoa, let’s back up?!

I’m going to go cuddle the baby that is still a baby




2 responses

21 05 2012

“Whoa, back up!”

That is utterly cute =)

22 05 2012

cute but disconcertingly mature too.

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