Better late than Never

9 02 2012

So yeah we’re almost at the end of week19 of the hockey pool and I’m only now getting around to posting the week18 results. In my defense, I did tell y’all that I was breaking up with the intertubes.  Which apparently also meant that I was breaking up with the hockey pool because I have been getting my ass kicked! In the first half I was battling for 1st place and/or consistently in the top of group. I am now battling along with Dr.BethSnow and Mr.Eman for bottom spot.  I didn’t even change my picks for week19 as I was too busying skiing Big White’s amazing runs with Blue bird skies or reading Game of Thrones! Well heres the chart:

Cath and Modscientist are neck and neck for top spot. Lavaland is leveling off so it looks like Ricardipus can take her over.  Gertyz all by her lonesome in the middle and the rest of us are flatlining. Well except for Oharar who appears ready to meet Gertzy. Lets see how we all did in week19 now shall we?





3 responses

9 02 2012

ahh…. still not last (that’s me). Althuogh, it’sa really a long way to the top, ain’t it?!?!

Let’s go Leafs!! As I said before, I can take a bad hockey pool if my team FINALLY m,akes it to the play offs. You can’t have it all…

10 02 2012

Yeah, I’d trade top spot for the Canucks winning the cup, in a heart beat!

29 03 2012

Canucks to go!! (after the last weeks’ abysmal play.. i’m almost being an abandoning leafs fan. which of course isn’t true…. but it’s tempting… look at jan/feb/march and tell me differently?!?!?


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