12 months of ScientistMother

23 12 2011

this meme has been going on since I started reading blogs and I am sure DM has had it going on before then as well. Despite blogging for >2 years, I have not done this meme. Probably because this time of year is usually a mad rush of trying to get lab stuff tied to last 2 weeks, get gifts, plan menus, birthdays etc.

This year I am on leave, so I have time to kill while Bear sleeps and Monkey watched cartoons.

Jan: Yep thats me trying to be funny or witty or something.

Feb: I have probably lost a ton of followers and readers over the last few months.

Mar: So this monday, I’m minding my own business at the lab, studiously working away to try and find out where on my gene of interest a particular insert has been inserted.

Apr: Okay, so once again its been awhile since I’ve posted.

May: So as some of you may or may not know, I”m over at Scientopia’s Guest Blog.

Jun: So if you follow me on twitter, you would’ve been aware that on monday afternoon, just before I had to pick up the monkey and start >45min commute home, I started experiencing labor pains

July: Although I’m over the moon delighted that both Lady Scientist and GMP have been able to end their pregnancies with healthy happy babies, I’m also jealous.

Aug: Babygirl turns 6 weeks, this friday.

Sept: Its hard to admit that you love your children but that you don’t necessarily enjoy spending 24 hrs a day with them.

Oct: Okay, so monkey has been in preschool for two weeks now.

Nov: hen baby girl was first born, I knew I had to think up a fun nick name for her

Dec: So last night while I was waiting in the peds office for bears’ second set of immunizations, I started a post about the gendering of science kits.




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9 01 2012

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