Kiwi chicken

14 12 2011

I just made the most delicious kiwi chicken.  You can never go wrong cooking chicken with citrus fruits but it can be tricky trying to find a way to enhance the flavors, especially when you’re cooking at a ski cabin with limited spices.  Last night I googled kiwi chicken and didn’t find any recipes that were (1) quick and (2) I had all the ingredient or viable substitutions.  So I went tried and true; one can not go wrong marinading chicken in sliced onion, sliced garlic, paprika, cayenne, and crushed coriander.  This evening, I warmed a bit of oil in a large cooking pan, threw in some whole coriander let it sizzle for abit  before adding some chopped onion and garlic.  I let that cook for a bit (less than 5 min) before adding the chicken.  My plan was to make an Indian curry as best I could without cumin, garam Masala, or tumeric.  But as the chicken was browning, I realized I needed someway of adding some weight to the curry that would compliment the kiwi -> tomatoe paste was not an option nor do I have any chicken broth or white wine here.  So I poured in some orange juice.  Once the chicken was browned, I transferred it to a casserole and reduced the orange juice sauce (I added some 4 sugar cubes at this time to) .  In hindsight I think I could’ve reduced the sauce some more or added the kiwi at this point.  I poured the reduced orange juice sauce over the chicken and covered with chopped up kiwi.  The chicken baked in the oven for 30 minutes.  I made basmati rice in the same pan that I had browned the chicken in.  Damn it tasted good. 




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14 12 2011
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