Bear it is

3 11 2011

When baby girl was first born, I knew I had to think up a fun nick name for her.  Fugitive wasn’t very fun and I was not going to keep calling her number 2 or monkey2, as that would be mean she was living in the shadow of her big brother monkey.  When I posted her breakout story I asked you lovely readers for suggestions. And you came up with some pretty awesome ones, marmoset to keep with the monkey theme, cheetah, panda, puma.

Being the awesome advice taker, I didn’t use any of them. It felt like I was telling her what to be versus seeing what her personality was. Monkey is nicknamed monkey because well he’s a freaking monkey! We all know his wonderful antics.

After almost 4 months of watching my sweet little baby girl she has let me know she’s a bear. She is this amazing round, plump, cuddly happy baby that grunts and snorts like you would’t believe when she’s nursing. She is freaking HEAVY and well I just thinks seems bearish to me.

So henceforth BG is now bear. I like it.




3 responses

3 11 2011

I love it!

That has been my family nickname my whole life. 🙂

21 11 2011
Dr. O

Love it 🙂

Also, don’t worry about the blog coma. You’re still in my Reader, and I’ll (eventually) be around to say hi when you’re active!!

23 12 2011
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[…] Nov: hen baby girl was first born, I knew I had to think up a fun nick name for her […]

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