Crash, Boom, Burn

24 10 2011

that is how I would describe last weeks hockey pool. Do you seem that major DIVE! I should get a gold medal for that dive. My fault for picking risky new comers that had the potential to kick butt, but didn’t. Nor do I am seem to be doing any better this week. Cough *stupid pool* cough




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24 10 2011
Bob O'Hara (@BobOHara)

Well, well, well. The creamviili has risen to the top.

24 10 2011

The good news is, Lava is still on top overall.

She blames that on watching an overwhelming amount of hockey whilst centre ice is on a free trial. The truth is, she’s just a hockey nerd.

24 10 2011

It only looks like a dive because the week 1 & 2 points as listed in the spreadsheet are for overall points at each stage, but you seem to have used just the week 3 points for the latest time point. It won’t look so bad if we look at overall points throughout 🙂

I’ve updated the spreadsheet to make this clear for future weeks; sorry for not specifying earlier. My bad.

24 10 2011

Boho. Cath and Eman and I started at the same points… but she took off… and we fell 😦

i don’t like this anymore.

24 10 2011
Lavaland (@_Lavaland_)

Chall! You got 22 points on Saturday! You practically doubled a whole weeks points in one day, I think you can like it again!

Well done!

24 10 2011

either way I’m still sucking ass…I swear I used the first half points, not just week3, but then again I also was only half way through my coffee cup….damn drug isn’t as effective anymore

who’s posting week4?

24 10 2011

The first two weeks were excluded from the “first half” of the actual prize-winning portion of the pool, so people could get used to how the pool works before they start competing for the car and other prizes.

Yeah, I know, “this pool sucks” 😉

24 10 2011

yes the pool does suck, but only because I’m not doing very well, which is by no means a reflection on my picks. It is 100% completely due to the design of the pool 🙂

24 10 2011

Lava. I did?? (haven’t had time to look at my pool this week…. ) but that’s not the week SM is plotting right now though, right? It sounds great though! I need to look it up when I get back home tonight. (slient happy grin when thinking about 22 points in one night!!!)

It’s official, I’m confused beyond… life is a little much right now – i just assumed sports weren’t going to work at all anymore…

Cath/SM. I can do week 4 – if I get access to that magic document/spreadsheet and try to remember that I need to not invent the wheel again 🙂 Is the roll over between weeks Friday?!?!

24 10 2011

Thanks Chall for offering to host next week!

(and many thanks to our gracious hostess for this week’s update too!)

It’s a Friday cut-off, i.e. Friday night’s games will count toward the week 4 total, but not Saturday’s. I’ll email you a link to the spreadsheet. Yay!

27 10 2011
Mod Scientist (@_modscientist_)

Judge me all you want but I will continue to pick and star Lu. Haters gonna hate.

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