Ding Dong the blog is dead

20 10 2011

Lets just call it shall we? this blog is dying a slow and painful death. I’ve tried valiantly to keep it up, but like many of the other bloggers on the my blogroll, I haven’t been able to.

Its not like I don’t have blog ideas, I do! I just am either too busy,  too tired or just not motivated enough to get it going. These children are killing me I tell you. The dog is driving me crazy, seriously she whine loudly EVERY time either the kids make noise.  Do you know how often children make noise?! My neighbors are going to think I’m beating that damn dog.

Don’t worry though, I’m not shutting down completely. After all I have to host this week hockey pool update because unlike some people *cough* ricardipus *cough* I actually apologize when I’m being ungrateful and whiny.

So I guess this isn’t good bye nice knowing you as much as a see you around? I don’t know, what do y’all think?




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20 10 2011



Maybe just mothball it for a while, until things calm down… don’t delete it, at the very least!

Hope things get more sane for you soon xxx

20 10 2011
Isis the Scientist

If you stop, you’ll be missed but I completely understand the time it takes to do this wackaloonery.

20 10 2011
Prof-like Substance

If it sits, it sits. Most people read through Reader and will get a notice when you have time to post again.

20 10 2011

well, i read .. i like. I want! (but I understand)

Who knows, you might want to vent somewhere (as in “on the internet someone can hear you scream” 😉 ) once things move into more managable time? I mean, I don’t even pretend to have two kids, a dog, husband and research and still I can’t blog as much as I thought….

As PLS said, I’ll see the update in my reader list if you keep the blog – and update once in a blue moon! Lots of virtual hugs and good lucks!!

20 10 2011

How about a hiatus? A sabbatical?

20 10 2011

I agree with the others – just take a break for a while and come back when you can! I’ll be keeping you on my blogroll in any case 🙂

20 10 2011
Janet D. Stemwedel (@docfreeride)

Blogcations are always a good option. Don’t come back until you’re ready to come back. And, if you leave what’s here already up (i.e., if it works for you and your interests to leave it up), I for one will be appreciative of the archives.

20 10 2011

I’m with everyone else. Just go on hiatus until you feel the need to write again. I’ll miss your interesting perspective!

20 10 2011

Thanks everyone for the comments and making me feel so loved 🙂
I’m not deleting the blog or its archives, I’m just admitting defeat.

I had these grandiose plans of writing a science post on genetics and flies once a week (to keep my head in the game). I have all these posts on feminism and motherhood, how motherhood seems to be the one avenue where everyone still thinks it OK to tell women what they have to do in my head. But I just can’t get them down.

Like I said, its not goodbye. I promised Cath I would help with the hockey pool and I’m going to need to vent about that damn dog, Mr.SM my crazy mother somewhere. This isn’t goodbye, but a see you in awhile. I guess the blog isn’t dead as much as in a coma for awhile. I’ll come out every now and then 🙂

I’ll still be on twitter and fb 🙂

20 10 2011
Juniper Shoemaker

That’s okay. My blog’s in a coma. But I ain’t givin’ it up. There’re so many blogs that it doesn’t matter if one can’t blog regularly, unless one depends on it for revenue.

I have no idea how you are managing grad school plus a house full of babies and animals. Right now, I am barely managing to take care of myself. 🙂

22 10 2011

My blog’s been in a coma, too. And I’ve been wanting to write… I compose posts in my head… but yes, sometimes life just gets in the way (well, actually in my case it’s more the fault of my starting George R. R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series, which totals several thousand pages and is still in progress).

Nope, not goodbye but see you around. I hope that dog of yours settles down!

2 11 2011

I haven’t posted in months, but it doesn’t mean I won’t post when I feel like writing again (maybe soon!). RSS means you don’t have to feel guilty about big gaps between posts. Just do it when you wanna!

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