Dear Asshole

29 08 2011

Who stole my stroller from my carport. You didn’t just steal a stroller. You stole my memories, my ability to walk my dog while taking my children out. Which mean the dog doesn’t get to go out very often, until you either return my stroller or I can find a replacement.

More importantly you’ve stolen my neighborhood from me. Everytime I’m out I’m looking for my stroller. Every person who walks by my house, I look at and wonder if they were the one that stole from me.
My sense of safety and community has been shattered because of you. For what? Because you either are too cheap to buy your own or you need to sell it to get cash for drugs.




5 responses

29 08 2011
Alice Callahan (@scienceofmom)

So sorry. That is the worst thing I’ve heard all day. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

30 08 2011

That is shitty, I am sorry. I was considering u-locking my stroller to a bike rack the other day maybe for you next one you can get something like that? Of course using it and keeping multiple children from harm seems difficult.

30 08 2011

Holy crap. People suck. Who steals a STROLLER?

31 08 2011

Wow. Asshole doesn’t cover it.

2 09 2011

Drug addict or teenage prank, I hope. Because if it was one of your neighbors, you have a sick mo-fo in your midst.

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