Thankful that I’m living in Communist Canada

16 08 2011

BabyGirl turns 6 weeks this friday.  And its been an amazing 6 weeks. Exhausting because I’ve headed on a ferry for an overnighter on a nearby island and then we went camping, because yes I am crazy. She’s doing amazing and so is monkey. He loves being a big brother.  I could go on endlessly about how BabyGirl is going to be spoiled rotten by both her Dad and BigBrother, but right now I”m thankful I live in Communist Canada where I can take upto 1 year of maternity leave without any penalty from my employer or education provider. I may not be paid for the full year, but I can’t be penalized either. Most people up here qualify for employment insurance as I did when I was on leave with monkey.

Its taken till now for BabyGirl to latch and nurse on a regular basis and all I keep thinking is that OMFG if I was in the USA, most states would require me to go back to work NOW. Not because I want to, but because there is no extended leave. That is fucked up. Don’t be coming all up in my grille to tell me that its 12 weeks if you use sick leave. Even at 12 weeks, that is not enough IMHO.

Just saying y’all.




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16 08 2011

Yep, its crazy. Not sure how I survived returning after 8 weeks, but it sure wasn’t good for anyone involved. Enjoy your little ones!

17 08 2011

YAY for communist Canada! I l *heart* it 🙂

17 08 2011


17 08 2011

…. yes… I don’t know how to over come that when deciding if/to having a child here in the US, since my brain still works on “commie Scandinavian laws” when it comes to maternity/paternity leave… (paid to start with…)

Happy little one(s) are happy 🙂

23 08 2011

Thanks to Family and Medical Leave Act, a lot of women can get 12 weeks. There are stipulations- the size of the company, how long you’ve worked there, etc. but some women qualify.

I was able to take 12 weeks with my daughter- full pay for 2 months from my employer and 1 month unpaid via FMLA.

We’d like to have another, but had to wait so I could put in a full year at the company (that’s how long you have to work to qualify for FMLA). I think I will get 4 months of paid leave, and the rest from short-term disability at 70% pay. I can also use my ‘sick days’ and vacation days to extend it if I want.

But if you use all your sick days for maternity leave, what do you do when you get sick? Or your baby or caregiver gets sick?

It’s super crappy. I would love to be able to take more time. It won’t happen since I’m the primary breadwinner and my husband is a stay at home dad. If I don’t work, there’s no money and no health insurance. It stinks.

23 12 2011
12 months of ScientistMother « ScientistMother: raising replicates

[…] Aug: Babygirl turns 6 weeks, this friday. […]

8 08 2012
john thames

And just who do you self-serving bitches think is doing the extra work and dealing with the disruptions you are causing while you exercise your “right” to reproduce on the company’s time?

8 08 2012
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)

Um, people who are hired as mat leave covers who get valuable experience during their year of work and often end up with permanent positions in hard-to-get-into professions?

That’s what’s happened everywhere I’ve ever worked, in the UK and Canada. So bugger off, eh?

8 08 2012

Actually its not just us “bitches”. Fathers are also entitled to full pay, its called equality, something you probably don’t understand

10 08 2012
john thames

Dear Scientist Mother:

Baby making is not now, never was and never will be a job function. Try reproducing in the kitchen and bedroom where you belong. You might try reading the Soviet Constitution of 1936, Article 122 where “Uncle Joe” Stalin guarantees the “right” of maternity leave to all Soviet females. Don’t forget your hammer and sickle cradle, you Bolshevik bitch.

10 08 2012
john thames

Miss Ennis:

Bugger off to you, cow. I have had personal experience of doing two jobs for the price of one to subsidize twats like you. I did not benefit from it – nor did my employer dealing with the resulting chaos. You might look up all those promises women made in the late 1960’s about how they would never make babies on the company’s time because motherhood was obsolete in an overcrowded world. Of course, reminiding baby box support systems of those inconvenient pledges would be almost as bad as reminding God’s Chosen People of all those promises about how they were never going to create a Jewish state in Arab Palestine but only create a Jewish “nationl home” where no one would be dispossesed and Arabs and Jews would enjoy equal rights. Lying cunts are exactly like lying kikes.

10 08 2012
john thames

Instead of studying science, why don’t you study clear thinking instead? here is a sample:

10 08 2012

James – I’m actually very well versed in the feminist movement and no we did not make promises to not have children. You should be rather happy about this since if wasn’t for your baby box mother, you would not be here.

By the way I have reproduced a kitchen, while pregnant and shockingly like most people am able to have skill in more than one job. Since you apparently caused chaos to your employer when you had to do more than 1 job, I’m pretty sure you are not capable of such ordinary feats.

10 08 2012
Dr. 27

I miss Communist Canada, while I’m in NYC, being back in the States is just as I expected … same shit as it was 3 years ago when I left. I’m paying just as much in taxes here, as I was there, and I still have to pay for stuff that my insurance won’t cover. Don’t even get me started on contemplating starting a family here in the States.

10 08 2012
Cath Ennis (@enniscath)

That’s Doctor Ennis to you

I’ve never personally taken maternity leave, and don’t plan to do so in the future. However, I fully support my female and male colleagues taking their full allowance, because I believe that it benefits society as a whole.

If your employer won’t provide enough cover for people taking long-term leave of any kind, that’s your employer’s fault and theirs alone.

BTW I didn’t realise that every single thing in the 1930s Soviet constitution is and always will be 100% unique to Communism. Thanks for the valuable history lesson!

10 08 2012
Dr. O


Just who the hell do you think you are, coming over here and slapping around some “bitches”, simply because they had the gall to to want a career AND a family? You think men should also be punished for this transgression? Or are you just that much of a misogynist asshole to believe women have no place outside of the house? Right now I’d give anything to put an inoculated uterus in your abdomen, swelling boobs on your chest, and see just how well you deal with your restricted life in the “kitchen and bedroom”.

Until you know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to reproduction, stop beating up on the women who carry the load.

10 08 2012

anyone who references anything named “endofmen” pretty much automatically loses.

10 08 2012
Alex Merz

Oh, look, someone’s afraid of women. How effing original.

10 08 2012

I feel sorry for you, John. So much anger, it must be painful and emasculating to see so many successful women – women who have escaped the restriction of “bedroom and kitchen”. Amazing women with fulfilling careers, successful families, and amazing lives.
I feel sad for you, John. Sad that this image, and the support for families compounds your fury. It must be a frustrating and difficult way to live.
What I find interesting, John, is that the fear of the “end of men” is a tacit acknowledgement that women are, in fact, entirely capable of doing everything that men do. Otherwise, why would you be concerned that men will no longer be required? So although I acknowledge your vote of confidence in women, your verbal abuse is unforgivable. It doesn’t make you seem stronger, bigger, or threatening. It makes you look scared and weak and laughable.
I only hope, John, that you find a way to dispel your anger and fear. Some way to understand that women are, in fact, human beings. Just like men are human beings. Maybe then you won’t need to abuse women on the internet or in real life. Maybe then you will be able to go about your life without feeling personally attacked by the mere existence of women.

10 08 2012

I prefer to be referred to as either Dr. Bitch or Dr. Baby Box, thank you.

So two things stand out to me in your comments. The first is that your boss or company mismanaged, horribly, the situation when your coworker was out on maternity leave. It seems that would have been the time to either hire some temporary help or compensated you somehow for the extra work (either through pay, which I understand is difficult for many companies, or comp time or some other mutually satisfactory compensation). The second is that I am saddened that you have such little respect for women. Do you not have some female relative or friend that you care about or respect? If not, that just seems so sad to me that I just can’t seem to get angry at you. If you do, then how would you feel if someone spoke to them like you are speaking to the people here? I’d hope that you’d be outraged. So, perhaps, you ought to think about your behavior. (Or in the words of every southern USian I know, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”)

10 08 2012

I’m so glad you’re able to take the time you need to be with your family.

And ‘john thames’, I suggest you seek help for whatever is going on in your life right now to make you such an unthinking boar.

10 08 2012
An Unconcerned Man

Bwaaa ha ha ha!! Mr. Thames, you are so deeply misinformed, confused and hateful that you’re not even wrong. To be wrong, you’d have to make some sense in the first place.

10 08 2012
john thames

Since I shall surely be accused of making my facts up, here is the proof.

11 08 2012
anarchic teapot

Dear john thames
You are a foul-mouthed, ignorant, selfish, bigoted troll and I am asking the moderators to ban you.

You are a disgrace to your gender and your country.

13 10 2012


13 10 2012

Note very cogent comments about women wanting to be paid for work not done while reproducing on company’s time.

13 10 2012
25 10 2012
ray gorman

I find it interesting how the female posters on this blog accuse Mr. Thames of hating women and having psychological problems but they do not respond to his arguments. Women did, in fact, once promise that they would not reproduce on the company’s time. Maternity leave is, obviously, “equal pay for no work”. It does, as he says, disrupt the office and discriminate against the non-pregnant employees who must bear the extra burden.

His claim that the Communists pioneered maternity leave for women in the work place is historically accurate. Rather than refute his arguments they ban him from the debate.This is unconscionable and a clear confession of intellectual impotence.

18 02 2013
john thames


“What will happen if women become pregnant on the company’s time? Why, don’t be silly! Motherhood is obsolete in an overcrowded world! The planet does not neeed more babies! Haven’t you read “The Population Bomb” and watched “The Parent Trap”? Women would never make babies on the company’s time. That would disrupt the office and violate our own principle of equal work for equal pay. This women would never, ever do.


“What do you mean I can’t make a baby on the company’s time? That’s pregnancy discrimination! I have a right to do the very thing I said I wouldn’t!. How can you possibly expect me to remember promises I made forty years ago? I’m a woman and I have a right to change my mind!”

22 10 2013
ray gorman


It is pure infantilism to imagine that political disagreements are honest disagreements of opinion. They are not. Political disagreements are about using self-serving lies to get what one wants. Let us illustrate by using “sex discrimination” as an example. Women know perfectly that they were never victims of “sex discrimination”. They were not victims of discrimination when getting everything their husband’s money paid for in divorce court, or in getting automatic custody of the kids or in picking up their child support or alimony checks. They weren’t victims of discrimination while climbing on the life boats first or in sitting on their privileged female ass while the opposite sex did the fighting and dying. Discrimination only became a problem when they figured out they could grab all the jobs too.

Now it is pointless to tell women that they are lying about discrimination. They know they are lying the same way that the Jews know they are lying about the “six million” who did not die. Therefore, why point out the obvious? “Snivel rights” for blacks is another example of the principle that truth has nothing to do with it. Blacks know perfectly that their own behavior, not white racism, is the cause of their problems. But if they can make white racism a bogey, then they can use it to extort whatever they want. So, too, with the Jews and their beloved state of Israel. The Jews know perfectly that they are the cause of the problem because they stole Palestine from the Arabs. But if they can convince the ignorant, brainwashed Americans that the Arabs are the cause of the problems by misleading them “terrorists”, then Israel can continue its odious policies with the blessings of the American treasury

The name of the game children is lie. Lie, lie, lie. Never tolerate the truth. Shout it down; suppress it; turn facts upside down; shout epithets and nonsense at the top of your lungs. Make the truth whatever supports your interests. That is the real world. Anyone who wants the objective truth had best search for it in the archives and rare literature. It will not be found in the real world of self-serving liars.

23 10 2013
ray gorman

For all those women out there who think that women and babies are good by definition, let’s look at maternity leave in the military. A war is going on. Women mysteriously start getting pregnant right and left (Guess why.).How does this benefit the front needing reinforcements? How does it benefit the male soldiers fighting and dying to replace the “female soldiers” shirking their duty? Pregnancy is not a military function.

Now let’s apply the same elementary logic to maternity leave. You are an employer trying to run a business. Your female employees are getting paid for making babies and taking one year paid vacations on your time – and at your expense. Your male employees re screaming bloody murder and steaming over their increased work loads. You piously proclaim that your baby box is the center of the universe and that only your interests count.

Are you being reasonable, ladies? You are not. There is a very simple solution. Hire men only, pay the man enough money to support the wife and kids and all the disruptions and problems caused by allowing women where they do not belong disappear. In short, destroy feminism. It is that simple.

12 11 2013
ray gorman

The silence in response to common sense logic is deafening.

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