2 07 2011

Although I’m over the moon delighted that both Lady Scientist and GMP have been able to end their pregnancies with healthy happy babies, I’m also jealous. I’m still fucking pregnant. I’m tired, grouchy, hormonal and didn’t go into the lab as of the middle of the June thinking the inmate was going to be here. So I’m annoyed to. I could’ve gotten data analyzed….URGHH!!! But as luck I’m sure would have it, if I had planned a critical experiment for the 3rd week of June, the inmate would’ve had early release.  Now its been held for bad behavior. Though if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I’m also thinking I”m the inmate not the prison guard since I have no real control in the matter.  But I guess Prison Guards don’t have a says either. Its the uterus of mine that is the Prison Warden, controller of all things. Inmate and I are just the strings being pulled. Anyhoo, I’ve had sex, am doing the cervix massage and will be eating spicy thai food tomorrow. Any other helpful suggestions?





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2 07 2011

Not to get too personal and all up inside your personal space, but nipple stimulation?

4 07 2011

Um. Dance around the house? Try to shake the inmate out? 😉

Good luck… thinking of you and sending labour-y thought waves your way!

4 07 2011

Good luck with all that stuff you can do to hurry it on…. sounds interesting 😉

As for folk lore to try and get baby to move out; some kind of physical activity like hobbling (walking) and maybe pushing ear phones with hard rock on the tummy to make the little one dance? (this is purely speculation and not an doctor advice 😉 ) Best of luck being free very soon; both you and little one!!

4 07 2011

Ugh, tried all of it too and ended up being induced 2 weeks past due date, boo… Hope you have better luck and share what worked!! Good luck in the next few days!

4 07 2011

Brigindo – my understanding is that nipple stimulation is supposed to be done 3x a day for 1 hour! Not sure I have the patience for that….

Cath – I “played” soccer today with the monkey and the same thing happened, I get contractions while I”m active, but stop as soon as I stop moving around….

Chall – what if the kid likes Kes$ha or AC/DC?!

ScienceGirl – I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be getting induced this weekend. 3 try at spicy food as not helped….

5 07 2011
Jenny F. Scientist

DEATH MARCH! No, really, I have no idea. I’m not convinced anything works reliably. However, I hope if you do have to be induced, it goes well!

23 12 2011
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[…] July: Although I’m over the moon delighted that both Lady Scientist and GMP have been able to end their pregnancies with healthy happy babies, I’m also jealous. […]

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