Your pregnant & everything you do will result in a mutant baby.

30 06 2011

Awhile ago, Dr.Isis proclaimed her annoyance at the inability for people to say “we don’t know” if x, y, or z is going to effect your child. And now I will rant about it.

Being of South Asian descent and having a very large extended family, I am well aware of the fact that my sole purpose in life is to produce offspring.  Through both my pregnancies it was made clear that I was to live in a padded room. No driving, walking, dancing, working OMG you’re still exercising! Ahh what about the baby!  Actually the family was not so bad as they were the first time around. They’ve learned that I”m not very good at not doing anything, not being independent and oh yeah listening to bullshit.  Plus I like to remind the multiple grandparents, uncles & aunts that they were all born in a developing country with limited resources and OMG they’re fine!  Its amazing privilage that we in the western world have to coddle and worry about every.little.thing. Today I took the monkey swimming. We had lots of fun in the pool and it was great to not have the weight of the inmate on me. Now monkey LOVES the hottub so before we came home, into the hottub we went. All 3 lifeguards came up to me to let me know how “HIGH RISK” being in the hottub was. I am pregnant and in a hot tub. OH NO!!! My internal core temperature is going to sky rocket!

Uhm yeah. I get the whole increased core temperature probably not a good thing. However, the only way I know that I have ever elevated my internal core temperature was with a fever. Trust me when I say that the hot tub ain’t not hotter than my shower. I like things hot. Plus I’ve checked it out on pubmed and guess what? there is no clear evidence! Even the most recent paper “cannot exclude the possibility that some of these elevated associations may be due to chance” because they had a small sample size and did a shit load of stats to get results.  I enjoy myself a nice hot hot bath. I’m not stupid and staying in a hot tub for 45 min at 104 degree F / 40 Degree C. I’m usually in a hot tub for <10 minutes at its set at 100 degrees F/38 deg C, after the neural tub and heart were developed. Plus I’m OVERDUE ppl. The baby is formed and just getting fatter & fatter.

Its hard getting data on pregnant women & figuring out how different factors effect the embryo. I get it. But as opposed to being hysterical about it (don’t go in the hot tub, don’t dye your hair, no coffee, no medication) lets try to look at what happens to some of our model organisms and make reasonable conclusions. I’m pregnant not a fragile piece of glass. Remember, generations before us have done pretty well with alot worse.

The baby boomer moms smoked & drank while prego, fed us formula and we’re all pretty OK.  Before that we ran wild in the streets or worked on the farms.  Look at the state of children and mothers in many developing and worn torn countries. Perhaps instead of freaking out about whether or not you remembered to take your folic acid pill,  you should eat the nice salad that you can get easily here because you’re privilaged enough to live here.  Then think about how lucky you are to be able to stress out about these things.




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30 06 2011

Well, with *overdue* women, there is also a mild concern with any public aquatic activity… if your water breaks, it may not be obvious! But I’m guessing nobody warned you off of the pool. I hope not. God, after a certain point in pregnancy, the pool was the only place I felt normalish.
To my mind, it stands to reason that if Monkey is OK in with a particular ‘hot tub’ exposure, you probably are too. There’s a pretty big difference between 45 at 104.
That said, I don’t think you should let it stop you, but I have some sympathy for the lifeguards. It’s exceptionally unlikely you should need medical attention, but if they are on-duty they have certain First Responder obligations. (at least, if the appropriate Canadian law is similar to how it is here).

30 06 2011

my thing is that I would think that the “stress of freaking out about all the stuff you’re not supposed to do” might be much worse than actually doing those things….

That said, I’m not a fan of communal hot tubs. It’s something about all the bacteria from unwashed ppl or so….. but that’s just me. And yes, I’ll still go in some – but I tend to shower very throughly afterwards 😉

Good luck with delivery and hope you don’t have to wait too long now!

30 06 2011

NB: the middle part of my comment got borked for the less than sign being read as html
it should say “There’s a pretty big difference between less than ten minutes at 100 degrees and more than 45 minutes at 104”

30 06 2011

@sciliz – I was very aware of my body while I was in the pool, bc I did think what if my water breaks?! But that is reasonable worry. No body said boo while in the pool, it was in the hot tub where the unborn child may be mutated that the worry was. Quite frankly I was hoping heat would kick it out! thanks for the clarification, I was somewhat confused 🙂

@chall – I totally think that worrying about everything you’re not supposed to do is way worse. But then I actually let me child run in the yard barefoot….

30 06 2011

When my friend (who’s a doctor) was pregnant, she got SO MANY unwanted comments about her drinking coffee, riding her bike, jogging, etc and it drove her nuts! She said she was tempted to make a t-shirt that said “I’m a doctor. I know what I’m doing. Leave me alone”.

30 06 2011

No lie this is a direct quote from my mother in response to me working during the first trimester … “But what if the baby falls out?”

I actually looked up all the articles too and they weakness of evidence that all these ‘recommendations’ are based upon is utterly ridiculous!

30 06 2011
Dr. 27

Wonderful. And yes, there’s no way of knowing for sure, and even then, there are always outliers … but nobody knows how you feel, your level of comfort, and how informed and responsible you are. Kudos for staying in the pool. Like somebody mentioned on Twitter, next time, take the pile of pubmed entries and hit them in the head with it.

30 06 2011

When I lifguarded at a public city pool, there were a LOT of “cover your own a$$” type of rules in place that lifeguards were instructed to enforce (no earrings on the waterslide was one of the more ridiculous at my particular pool). We were told to not allow anyone under 12 in the hot tub and advise pregnant women that they shouldn’t go in – so you and monkey would have both been in trouble 🙂

I do love hottubs and can imagine them being even more appealing towards the end of pregnancy.

1 07 2011

@Liz I too was a lifeguard, which is why I have a modicum of sympathy for them. Still, given the choice between this type of hot tub exposure and eejit kids running around my pool, I’d pick the pregnant woman and child anytime.

““She said she was tempted to make a t-shirt that said ‘I’m a doctor. I know what I’m doing. Leave me alone”.”
This is funny to me in a way that it should not be, due to an obscure anime film. I do, however, happen to have designed just such a shirt.

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