Personal finance programs for Mac suck

22 06 2011

As does the website for american express.

I’m taking charge of our home finances, tracking where we’re spending and seeing what I can cut to save up as much $$$ as possible. I used to be in charge of our family budget way back before I converted to Macs. At that time I used MSN Money and I have to say it was probably the most easiest and useful budgeting program. For once in its life, Microsoft got something right. But they never had a mac version, so I started using Quicken which came with my first Mac. I have since upgraded to the new Quicken Essentials, but its still not the most useful. For example, when I transferred money from my checking account to pay off my visa bill, MSN money would automatically match the transaction as a transfer / payment and not double count it. Why Quicken can not do that I do not understand.

American express website sucks. It does not allow you to download transactions as they occur. I can only download transactions as a statement otherwise they do not download properly. Guess who now has to manually input all her AMEX purchases from the last 6 months? Yay me.  Stupid fucking amex…..though I wonder if its a firefox issue? Hmmm, will try with safari.




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22 06 2011

I use, its free, and does a lot of what you are describing.

22 06 2011

hm, I’ve saved my stuff in my numbers file…. but that means it is all manual… would love for a real program 🙂

that said, to me there is that real insight when I have to type in “dinner out $75” and not just import my cc bill…. I think I really need to remember to double check my May and April accoutn since I’m pretty sure I lost track somewhere in there. GAH.

22 06 2011

I use Moneydance. I input everything manually, but apparently you can link it to your online accounts. Might be worth looking into!

22 06 2011

I second use of Though admittedly I only use that as passive tracking and manually input into excel. I guess it depends on how OCD you want to get with it.

23 06 2011

Zee – when I was looking at possible programs, was well rated. Problem is I have an issue with putting my personal finance information online. Yes I am paranoid. I’ve gotten used to Quicken’s quirks and probably won’t change programs for a couple years as I’ve forked out the $$ for its 2010 version. Probably should’ve asked for advice before I purchased

Chall – oh you still have to categorize the purchases, which yeah can be a real eye opener. We spent $250 / month on eating out. Mostly bc of the kitchen renos but still

Alyssa – Would’ve been nice to know about moneydance why don’t you download and import your transactions? So much faster!

FrauTech – I used to be pretty involved & then let the mr take it over. He’s not the best at it so I”m now taking over our daily /monthly spending.

23 06 2011

I use iBank for mac and I like it. It allows you to download your AmEx transactions as they appear online and it does all sorts of nifty reports. I like it better than Quicken for the most part. I don’t really care for its budgeting program, though. It does the envelopes thing (where you can parse out your money into “envelopes” and that is how you save for things, etc.) and to me it just feels very clunky. Just my 2 cents for when you need a new program. 🙂

23 06 2011

NPR said was safe, so it has to be! NPR said so! Seriously though, from what I understand the site is very safe and only takes screen shots from the other accounts. You can’t actually manipulate any of your accounts from you still have to log into the original website of your bank/credit card/etc.

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