Shit I forgot, its INSULTING to called be a woman

13 06 2011

I am sick and tired of the idea of being a female is a huge fucking insult.  Mr.SM realized Saturday morning not to tell monkey he’s crying like a baby girl. I hate whing and crying just as much the mr does. Tell the monkey to stop being a baby and to stop whining and crying for no reason. DO NOT tell him he’s acting like a baby girl.  I will fucking kick your ass if you do that. I know Mr.SM didn’t realize what he was saying or implying when he said what he did, which is why he looked at me and said ooh, shit sorry.  Its a mistake he won’t make again. He’s very aware of wanting to make society more egalitarian for his wife, himself, his child and his nieces and little cousins that he loves.

However it one thing when my husband says something to me in our home and I can correct him. Its another thing to be fucking broadcaster and insulting woman, many who are hockey fans.  Mike referred to the Sedin twin as Thelma and Louise to demean them and their play. First of all asshole, do you even know your female characters? Thelma and Lousie are fucking awesome, strong, take no shit women. As Mr.SM said, its kinda a compliment to be considered to be like Thelma and Louise.  But you didn’t mean it as a compliment did you? You meant it as demeaning. Because being a woman is so insulting and horrible, right? I LOVE Henrick Sedin for calling Mike out it, to quote “I don’t know how he looks at women. I would be pretty mad if I was a women.” Henrick and Daniel don’t think its insulting to be referred to as “the sisters” or anyother female characterization. Unfortunately, in sports it OK to be masochistic. I shouldn’t be surprised though should I? I mean Kobe Bryant and countless other athletes rape women and face very little consequence. Micheal Vicks participates in dog fighting and everyone calls for his head. Thats right because dog fighting is WAY fucking worse than raping a woman. FUCK YOU Mike Milbury, Don Cherry and anyone else you thinks calling a guy a girl is the ultimate insult.




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13 06 2011

Wait, you want feminist enlightenment from HOCKEY? UHm. Ok. Well, bless you for your optimism!! Blessings upon Hendrick Sedins head as well, I guess.

(pedantic aside: “in sports it OK to be masochistic” In hockey, it’s a huge advantage! As is being full of machismo, but it’s funnier the way you wrote it!)

13 06 2011
Miss MSE

Another reason to love the Sedins. Milbury also seems to dislike the fact that they play with grace, not brawn. The man is freaking in love with Ovechkin who uses brute force despite having some pretty decent puck-handling skills. Announcers also seem to pull out the “girl” card on Sindey Crosby.

Of course, I expected Cherry’s commentary to be even more worthless than normal, since it’s the Bruins…

(I may not live *in* Canada, but we still get the CBC)

13 06 2011

Oh shit — this pisses me off to no end! This shit comes from the same guys who say there MUST be fighting and huge hitting in hockey, it’s just part of the sport. I mean, sure it can be physical, but hockey is the only sport where you don’t get fined/suspended/kicked out of the league for fighting. Football is insanely physical, with huge hits, but if a player even pretends to start a fight, he gets booted.

Anyway, that was a random tangent to say that I hate that macho shit around hockey. The best players are those that don’t need to fight, because they have actual, you know, skill. If that makes them a woman, then I guess that’s a compliment for both them and us.

13 06 2011

Yay Henrik! The Sedins are pure class.

13 06 2011

Awesome entry – and way to go Henrick. There’s a reason why everyone in Vancouver respects the Sedins – and it goes well beyond their fantastic commitment to the city and its charities.

As Cath pointed out, they are pure class.

Too bad the same can’t be said for the CBC and it’s sport teams.

13 06 2011

well, there is Mike, and there there is Cherry…. I guess one of them wants Men (and not little girls) to play hockey and the other one wants “non Euro trash” to play hockey… As for the T&L comment, I wondered for a second if he meant that they won by driving their car over the steep, then I realised that he probably thought of the only female pair of characters he’d know?!

I’ve been happy that the Sedins have been so proud of being called the sisters and acknowledging that they find Milbury a moron.

As for violence/fighiting; I love a good legit tackle… not to mention a physical play. what I don’t fancy would be “throw off the gloves and fight” or “tackle someone down on the ice and continue to pummel”. Luckily these things are less and less, although maybe not in the current Bruins-Canucks final since they seem to lose lots of temper on both sides.

13 06 2011

becca – Yes I do expect feminist enlightenment from hockey. Womens’ Hockey has been around for a long time and kicking ass. There has been alot of advocacy work on behalf of women in sport. I used to work for an organization who’s whole mission was promoting equality in the sports arena, from equal funding (boys hockey used to subsidized by taxpayers yet girls sports were not) to removing the stigma associated with being an athlete vs cheering on the sidelines. Women hockey players & coaches were stigmatized for being lesbians – because lesbians are not “real” women and “real” women don’t play sports. One’s gender & sexual orientation has nothing to do with their ability to play sports at a high level. And I’m not just talking about Hockey, the same attitudes prevail in both football and basketball. This why Kobe Bryant is still hailed as a hero. Micheal Vicks has payed more of a price for mistreating animals than Kobe has for sexually assaulting a woman. How fucked up is that?

MissMSE – I fully agree with you. Its amazing to me that CBC still keeps Don Cherry around and that so many Canadians love him. He’s a dinosaur and so are his attitudes on everything from fighting,French Canadians and women.

Alyssa – totally agreed!

Cath – they are class. I was very impressed with the his comments about how childish Mike Millbury was being to pointing out that he (Mike) was demeaning all woman.

Anthony – Welcome to the blog, glad you like the entry! The Sedins were very classy and mature. I should also commend Roy MacGregor for highlighting the comment in the Globe and Mail this morning, as well as the Toronto Sun for actually printing H.Sedins full response.

15 06 2011

I have to agree that the comparison between the Sedins and Thelma and Louise is a total insult….to Thelma and Louise. They are way cooler and more bad ass then the Twins.

Meanwhile, the entire Canuck team is a bunch of whiny, flopping, penalty begging mealy mouth losers.

GO Bs!

15 06 2011

Is that the entire team including Mason Raymond? Who was jeered and called a “flopper” by Bruins fans as he lay on the ice with a broken back?

You stay classy, Boston.

(this is another great article from the same source)

15 06 2011

Nat – I get that your a B’s fan, but srsly have you looked at your own players? Marchand is horrible and yeah real classy what Boychuck did to Raymond – but that wasn’t malicous yet somehow Rome hit was? Oh and LOVE the way beantown people act. Real classy.

Way to hijack a post thats not about trash talking teams but the real issue of how women are constantly treated like second class citizens.

15 06 2011

Sorry to hijack your post. Wasn’t intentional

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