Taking time off always screw me

9 06 2011

Whenever people ask me why I don’t take time off, when I am so damned tired and in obvious need of a day, I always say its bc I never know when I’ll be forced to take a day off. Aka today. I’ve been quite slow in the morning over the last couple of weeks. This is due to a combination of the monkey sleeping till forever because he’s transitioning out of afternoon naps and from the fact that I’m EXHAUSTED.  However, I’ve realized that I can’t do 5 days / week anymore so I took yesterday off. It made sense bc we leave campus early on wednesdays for monkey’s gymnastics class and this wednesday I had a mid-wife appt so we were going to leave even earlier than normal. Why drive 1 hr in for maybe 3 hrs of work?

Because you’re going to lose a whole day thanks to a 4 hour stomach bug. Yep 4 hours its appears. See the monkey woke at 6 pm puking. He puked multiple times, passed out for an hour and then woke up just as I was finally falling asleep.  He woke up happy and “all better”. Except that dry cheerios set him off puking again. Normally when the child is sick, he sleeps so I can still get work done. Not this time. He is awake and frustrated that I’m not letting him run around outside with the SM Dog. Sorry child, but puking >5 times means you’re sitting your ass on the couch and slowly sipping diluted juice and then drying some dry foods again. Yeah mama is a stickler about making sure you’re OK.  But it also means that I’m entertaining a 4 yr old vs working. I worked all day yesterday and made the monkey entertain himself.  It led to some frustration on both our parts. He didn’t do well with not having my attention and I did not do well with him acting out.

Today has been better, we’ve watched some episodes of Bones (I heart this show for its portrayal of smart female scientists)* and I’m actually writing a blog post! About random stuff again….




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12 06 2011

Ick. Hope he is better now!

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