In defense of Old Navy

2 06 2011

So I was one of the many people who saw the Old Navy Gay Pride T-shirts and went, OMG I have to get one for my kids. Then I found out that its only available in select stores (26 or 1035 in the USA).  Which I kinda get. Sadly, from my understanding, certain areas of the USA are not to keen on giving LGTB people full and equal rights, and the t-shirts are not going to sell there,  so why fork out the money to make the shirts and send them there? Still I was disappointed that they weren’t available online and I am not sure they’re available north of the 49th parallel (though most of our gay pride celebrations happen in August). And I did tweet that it wasn’t cool. Understandable, but kinda supportive without really being supportive, sorta like the white male PI who says to you, “oh yeah totally don’t think you should be slammed for taking mat leave” but then doesn’t say anything when other men are being douche bags. However, PLS as explained, sometimes its cuz they’re just too gobsmacked to come up with a witty comeback. And as Liz now explains about Old Navy, a small step for large Mega-Corporations are huge for communities that are discriminated against. I stick with initial reaction, Very Cool Old Navy, now just get them out where all us that support LGTB rights can say it loud and proud.




2 responses

2 06 2011

You and I seem to have very similar ideas about LGBT and kids clothing.

You and I seem to have very different ideas about MegaCorps.
Still, as long as Old Navy is… Old Navy, it is an adorable shirt.

2 06 2011

Becca – I don’t know if I have an opinion on MegaCorps. Did I indicate that I did? or did I just suggest that I think their decision wasn’t an easy one, that as all sorts of nuances. I just one for my kid.

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