Proud mama

31 05 2011

My dearest little boy. You are amazing.  You were so helpful today when we were grocery shopping. Picking up items, putting the bags in the cart, carrying the bags into the house. Seriously, you are the best. You drive me crazy sometimes, but you also amaze. How did you become such a considerate little kid. And the story I heard today from the daycare. OMG.

Your little friend got hurt and you took care of her. You went and got her some ice, sat down on the couch with her and read her a story to make her feel better. Where did you get such a caring attitude from? You make me so proud. I know I’ve said this recently, but I’ll say it again. I love you my little angel. You make me proud to be your mom. Well most days, just not the ones where you call 911 or break out of daycare.




One response

2 06 2011
Jenny F. Scientist

Bug called 911 once and I am *still* embarrassed about it!

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