Messing with gender stereotypes

29 05 2011

I haven’t written about, nor am I going to write about, the big internet controversy of the week. I can’t write about it because (1) its something I would never do and (2) I think its a story full of shades of gray.  I get the parents frustration with gender stereotyping from the get go. If I give birth to a girl, I know how hard I will have to fight the inlaws on the fact that I will not raise a “nice little girl”. I already have to fight them on the stereotypes they put on boys. Monkey loves his nail polish and both Mr.SM and I let him wear it. Neither one of us is willing to let him to wear it to the grandparents. We just don’t want / have the courage, whatever to deal with the “OMG why is he wearing nail polish”.  I fought them with they tried to say monkey could not play with stroller and dolls or have longish hair. But I just don’t have the energy to fight the big fight.

I do believe in messing with gender stereotypes though and based on the comments this morning think Mr.SM & I are doing a good job of. The Mr is a tad hung over this morning & wasn’t able to make breakfast like he does every Saturday and Sunday morning. So when I started to make french toast, monkey freaked out “No mommy no mommy you can’t do it! Daddy makes french toast” and when I started washing the morning dishes: “No mommy! why are you washing dishes, only boys do that! Daddy washes dishes no you”.

Its hard to raised kids and try to impart values of equality and freedom for all when so much of our society fights that belief. I may not be willing or courageous enough to raise a genderless kid, but I am raising one that has his stereotypes flipped upside down.




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