I want an iPad

27 05 2011

Except I have no idea how I’m going to afford it. I really believe it will help keep my head in the game while on mat leave. I would be able to use Papers 2.0 on it, which is essentially all I want it for. To be able to read while at all of monkey’s activities. I don’t want to lug a lap top around with me. Its too cumbersome. Unfortunately I just forked out >$1000 on Goddamn Hot water tank. Fucking home ownership sucks. Any ideas on how to get me an shiny new iPad? Of the top four (samsung, HP and the playbook).  I think the iPad is the one for me. I weary of the samsung since the android OS seems to have a higher risk of security / virus issues. I know I think the iPad screen could be slightly bigger, so the playbook is out and HP hasn’t been around long enough for me to try. I’m big on getting 2nd generation gadgets.

Anyhoo, I’m trying to get back into this whole blogging then & since the monkey is sleeping in a lot I think I’ll have mornings free. Which is when I may try to get some science in :))




2 responses

27 05 2011
Dr. O

Hmmm…not too sure on that one. I really want one too, but have just resigned myself to wait for birthday/Christmas later this year…

27 05 2011

I’m in negotiations with Mr.SM, but I think I’ll be forced to wait until christmas too..:(

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