Welcome to my new home

25 05 2011

Can I just say OMG, I did not realize how hard it is to move a freaking blog. I used the import option to grab all my blogger posts and it did manage to get all the titles, commenters and dates. It just kinda missed the content.  Content is usually helpful so I’m going to have to ever so slowly re-input all those old posts. That my dears friends is going to be a huge suckage.

In more exciting news, I have a new hot water tank. Yep the joys of home ownership mean that you too can wake up to your basement flooded with water. Thankfully, Mr.SM noticed on his way out to work (which meant he wasn’t heading out to work, just yet) so we didn’t actually have 40 gallons of water in the basement.  He was able to get the water to the tank shut off, loosen the drain, and started draining the tank.  Leaving me with the joy of  emptying the 40 gallons into a 3 gallon bucket.  Yes that is alot of trips to backyard carrying 3 gallons of water at a time, while 35 weeks prego. Yay me. Had I known it was going to take fucking hours to drain, while mopping / towelling up the spilled shit. It was great.

Well I hope you enjoy the new digs. Its work in progress as I learn about wordpress etc.




3 responses

26 05 2011
Dr. O

Looks good! I had to transfer over a few times before I figured out the magic route. I just kept playing around with it in my spare time for the past few months until I felt like things were about ready to go. Luckily, I was just about satisfied when Blogger ate my posts and comments.

I’ve fallen in love with the system over here, though. It just took a little bit of playing around to figure out all the little quirks. Much nicer than Blogger, IMO. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

26 05 2011
Dr. O

Oh, I forgot to leave the housewarming plant in my last comment.

27 05 2011

Thanks Dr.O! How did you transfer your old posts? All my titles and commenter names came through but none of the content. Or am I stuck with cutting and pasting?

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