Before I get into the midwife thing.

8 04 2011

Okay, so once again its been awhile since I’ve posted. In my defense, I’m busy people. Between kitchen reno’s, lab work, family and well being anemic, blogging as been low on the priority wheel. Don’t worry though, soon enough I’ll be on mat leave and blogging up a storm! Hahahahaha!

Alright, so many of you are wondering about the whole midwife vs GP vs OB/GyN thingy and I’m going to get to that the next post. I just want to make a few things clear. I live north of the 49th parallel. Why is this important? Because up here, we get universal health care.  Its not perfect and things slip through the cracks, but in general you won’t be seeing commericials like this up here:

Yes we fundraise for our hospitals, but for equipment NOT TO PROVIDE CARE.  Why am I saying this up front? Because I have the luxury to not only choose whether I want a midwife or a GP, which hospital I want to deliver at, with out having to shell out cash from my take home income. That is a luxury I  not  everyone in the USA gets.  In the spirit of full disclosure I wanted to (1) let you know that having government funded universal health care makes my decisions about what health option I want easier as I don’t have worry about whether I can afford it or not.  (2) This is your opportunity to troll and call me a communist for celebrating and promoting universal healthcare.  I will delete any and all comments regarding the communism of universal healthcare in the next post. full stop. There are somethings I will debate and admit there are shades of grey on. On this issue I can not. I can not see how it is OK for a wealthy nation, that can afford to pay billions and billions of dollars on military machines, to ask its citizens to choose between getting needed health care or shelter/food/clothing. This is not an issue that has shades of grey for me.

I am watching and reading what is happening down there in awe. And I am terrified of it spreading up here. Go ahead call me a communist. This is your chance.




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8 04 2011

aww… I can’t call you a commie since I’m way more red (left in every country apart from the US I guess?) than you 🙂

I can’t even explain how I feel about the budget discussion here at the moment. I’ve never even heard anyone saying the obvious “for every dollar spent on PREVENTIVE care, it’s at least 4 dollars saved”… but then again, whatta I know? I’m an immigrant from a ‘sort-of-commie-land”….

(I can’t get into the whole planned parenthood, christians behaving like they’ve never heard about “love thy neighborgh” or the bigotry about being rich male and not having to worry about being preggers without anything… yeah. not so much there. I’m just blazingly mad about it all.)

8 04 2011

I’ll be a communist right along with you then!

9 04 2011

I miss universal health care. Living in the US, I overhear conversations between strangers. There are many many people who don’t have health care. Every chance I get I talk up the Canadian system!

9 04 2011

It is, indeed, outrageous. And the current budget situation…I can’t even express my disgust with our leaders. It’s deplorable.

The worst part is that, from what I understand, Americans as much taxes as people in countries with all sorts of services like national health care. I really wish that I could only pay the half (or whatever) of my taxes that go to things other than the military.

10 04 2011
Jenny F. Scientist, PhD

Yeah, can I be a universal-health-care-commie too? Besides, it’s socialism.

11 04 2011


And so am I!

Hurrah for universal health care!

11 04 2011

Here is one reason I don’t want the government to run the health care system in the US (and it has nothing to do with an ‘ism’). The government can’t run the post office without losing money and causing problems and compared to the complexities of the human body that’s simple! Is the system broken; yes it is. But that doesn’t mean I want our government screwing it up even more!

23 12 2011
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